Monday, July 18, 2005

really, quite a production

one thousand
red, white and pink
just the petals
i’m meeting investors on wednesday
they want a little taster of ‘C&P’
just about
a couple of scenes
did you clear those rights?
that’s ottaviano with two t’s
tell me how it goes…
actually, if we’re gonna get anywhere with these interpolations…
we’ll need someone to deal with that and that only
ask baz who did his on ‘rouge’
did ya get hold of scarlet ?
sophia’s number is in my old filo
if you can’t get thru to her, tell me and i’ll try bill…
no, no blue tooth
i want a head set like janet used to wear on tour
the make up for the photo shoot is sorted
domiva meets the crow, but he promised me he’d let me wear the studded dog collar
and then photoshop a cerberus into it
yeah, s&m with m&m’s
japan, i know, go figure…
the states get me on a beach
riding a black stallion
soaked wet …
blue jeans and black t
yeah, ask roy to photoshop a semblance of a six pack onto me
discretion, darling…
i'm on the move, catch you later


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