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mc:boys and girls gather ‘round
today truth’s visiting your town
and i – with grandest gift for gab
will try to sing it true and fab

do come hither and sit down
or stand up and stomp yr feet
oblige a rhythm for this tale
to this legend lend a beat

one of the oldest stories ever
retold for our time by moi, the clever
let this myth at once commence
and carry it with you, children, thence

(curtain falls, a choir of cherubs appears)
mc:once upon a time
there was a belle – a shining star

chorus:with colors like a butterfly
you could see ‘em from afar

her beauty was unlike
any that had come before

chorus:even venus got pissed off
cuz belle’d thrashed her own high score

mc:yeah, but venus had some issues
belle’s beauty not th’only one

chorus:there was also the little matter
of the crush of her own son

mc imitating venus :
that youthful bud, she pisses me off
who does she think she is
when every boy on either side of olympus
wants to make her his
unworthy of my son’s love
i’ll turn ‘er into something other
ooh psyche-girl, the time has come
to taste the wrath of a greek mother!

what happened next ?
what happened next ?
after venus-
mad and vexed ?

not knowing what to do
venus got up to avengin’
and turned the lass called psyche int’a
mustang without an engine

what happened next ?
what happened next ?
what happened after that?

psyche was purchased by a circus
passing through the town
and every night thirty-three midgets
weighed the poor girl down

chorus :
the town was hit by hard times
life turned sad n’ so expensive
people, ranks and governments
bit back on the defensive
draw- and cutbacks hit the towns
people tried to light the load
and psyche was abandoned there
when the circus hit the road

they disappeared one morning
leaving psyche far behind
on her painted was a clown’s face
a reminder of her grind
the mayor set her up
in front of the town hall
planted roses in her bonnet and
other flowers that trailed and crawled

then, one fateful day

chorus:fateful !
you could say that again !

mc:then, one fateful day…

chorus:we wax lyrically – don’t take it so literally!

...a camaro came along
baby blue and young and strong
rolling on the town’s streets
he broke into a song!

a song!?

a song!!

a song! …a song… (repeat / fade to whisper)

cupid, over to you…


cupid winks one headlight

cupid:i never believed in magic
until i saw your funny face
since then my engine’s only
longed for your embrace
and all the other cars
laugh ‘cuz its plain to see
that you, the cutest roadster
have put a spell on me
put a spell on me
put a spell on me
(repeat to fade / beginning of dream sequence – piano & harp)
(this wasn’t supposed to happen) (A)

psyche:oh the circus fortune teller
warned me ‘bout silly romantics

cupid:oh cutey let down your guard
don’t let me suffer a love pedantic

(she was happy by herself) (A)
oh, i don’t know – i’m not so sure
i’ve grown so used to this road alone
i’m not like them there dogs
that fetch a bone just cuz it’s thrown

(sound of dogs barking)

cupid (flashing headlights) :come on now, pretty, shiny
let me ease your troubled mind

(accidentally, he seduced her..) (A)

psyche:i don’t like your assumption
that i’ve had a not-nice time

cupid:oh - maybe that’s just me
reflecting off’a you
so now that that is settled
tell me what else can i do
there's nothing i wouldn't be
to get to be together
there's nothing i wouldn't be
my heart depends on me
there's nothing i wouldn't do
including doing nothing
there's nothing i wouldn't do
for you to be with me now sugar
there's nothing i wouldn't do
to make you want for nothing
there's nothing i wouldn't do
my heart belongs to you
there's nothing we shouldn't do
to get to be so happy
there's nothing we shouldn't do (B)

you still can’t touch my roses… (C)

oh your thorns become you so,
so sharp, your self defense
but i have such pure intentions
wont’cha let down your barbed wire fence?

psyche:oh, i’ve heard it all before
all men love novelty
but when i begin to wither
you’ll be off just like a bee

if you try to talk with him
if you try to copy his pocket-full of poses
you still can’t touch his roses (C)

cupid:when i see you
when i see you
my hubcaps – they pop off
my windshield wipers swishhh!i only have one wish !

psyche:you wanna run side by side ;
you want company for the ride ;

if you think he’s magical
‘cuz roses bloom with his touch
that’s mathematical
we think you think too much (C)

…i touch roses!!! (C)
i lay in my
(flower) bed
totally still
my eyes wide open
i’m in rapture
i don’t believe this …
this wasn’t supposed to happen …(A)

cupid:i know not the challengers
the barracudas from before
the snake that bit
the venom’s trip
the highness of your score
come on now,
come on now, baby
if only for once more
there's nothing i wouldn't take
oh, even intravenous
there's nothing i wouldn't take
to get to be approved
there's nothing i wouldn't be
oh that's the gift of schizo (B)

there's nothing that's new to me
i've seen it all before now sugar (B)

cupid:until now…


cupid:don’t turn away,
don’t turn around
its just a silly song
‘bout no turning to yes


psyche:i don’t think i’d mind spending just a little bit of time with you…

cupid:i’ll show you something that you’ve never seen…

psyche:ooh! purrrr…
cupid:you put up such a fight,
tiger, you must be my queen!

i don’t see ya get down on your knees!

cupid :knees?
geez!look at these wheels…
i’m on all fours!

psyche:oh! please…

i’ve got something up my sleeve !

holy cow!

cupid takes aim:

baby, take a bow...

time for bow and arrow-
that should find your ole'
sweet heart again
‘bout :


θφίκθανε οι δέθτεθ!




willing to experience aloneness,
i discover connection everywhere;
turning to face my fear,
i meet the warrior who lives within;
opening to my loss,
i am given unimaginable gifts;
surrendering into emptiness,
i find fullness without end.

each condition i flee from pursues me.
each condition i welcome transforms me
and becomes itself transformed
into its radiant jewel-like essence.
i bow to the one who has made it so,
who has crafted this master game;
to play it is pure delight,
to honor it is true devotion.

by jeniffer welwood

mix & match

(a note on interpolations)
in keeping with the spirit of re-assembly, bricolage, mix and match and mashing up, i have incorporated three different songs into the music of the musical’s first fragment. it’s a rough draft and sure to change a few hundred times, but i thought i’d present what is ready - as a work in progress.

the three songs featured are, in order of appearance ‘hit’ by bjork and the sugarcubes (track A, in the text), scritti politti’s ‘w.o.o.d b.e.e.z (pray like aretha franklin)’(track B) and ‘i touch roses’ by the book of love (C).
the old myth, as told by lucius apuleius (123ad–170ad), was the main inspiration of course along with the aforementioned songs. the fragment was more than anything inspired by the fantastic courting scenes which tracks B and C depict. scritti politti’s ‘w.o.o.d b.e.e.z’ first appeared on the group’s ‘cupid & psyche 85’ album. a year later book of love released their self titled debut. ‘i touch roses’ was the second single off the album. the addition of the sugarcubes’ ‘hit’ was made at the very last minute.


in times of change, learners inherit the earth,
while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with
a world that no longer exists.
by eric hoffer

i am crossing years tonight to light an answer

keith althus in his poem called "poem"

a song by the sea and cake

wait a minute
say wait a minute for my breath
i'll wait
come on
bet your soul just found out
i'm in trouble ya
have you ever thought about it
just a second
all these ways you got it so bad
all we need is a warning soul
and just a chance to let me go
and then i try,
should i try
is it summer,
i never know
i can't tell
when it's up to you
been so off
wait a minute
say wait a minute for my breath
i'll wait
i may try to stay misunderstood
and it's working
somewhere i've been told impossible
stay near and lonely
i wonder why
have you ever
'the biz' by
the sea and cake


but cannot i create?
cannot i form? cannot i fashion forth
another world, another universe
to overbear and crumble this to nought?
where is another chaos? where?
john keats (1795-1821)
hyperion I.141-145


in the next world war
jackknifed juggernaut, i am born again.
in the neon sign, scrolling up and down
i am born again.
in an interstella burst
i am back to save the universe
in a deep deep sleep, of the innocent
i am born again.
in a fast german car, i'm amazed that i survived
an airbag saved my life.
in an interstella burst
i am back to save the universe
in an interstella burst
i am back to save the universe
by radiohead

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

TALES OF ENDURANCE or A FRANK HYPERBOLE (dedicated to all that save the day)

well i got a call from the investors late last night saying that we were gonna have to meet this morning.
so we met and, let me tell you, it could not have been more disastrous had i wrote it as a scene in my movie, and wanted it to be so …
so, very late last night marcy and i went over the details of the catering.
the meeting with the investors was set for ten a.m.
i thought i’d show ‘em a bit of hospitality by serving breakfast…this lot never say no to an all you can eat, and quite frankly getting them drowsed on eggs, (forgive me francis) bacon and ‘furters and mushrooms seemed like an appropriate decision. that’s when i had the fantastic idea of serving a special kind of mushroom, a frankly funky variety, one that you don’t find in supermarkets, just to make C&P’s presentation a bit more… ‘special’
…i had ‘em flown in on a special flight all the way from dear amstel-o-dam and had ferdinand the fab french chef prep ‘em with sundried tomato, balsamico and a bit o’ parmesan (quite scrumptious)
as soon as they were all seated, the first of the whippersnapper-secretaries gave me a small list of directions mr. w. wanted fit in to the script. then mr y’s secretary gave me another list and mr. d’s gave me another…all the while they had begun gorging on the breakie… i sat there looking at their requests… they were pressing me for points of pressure to be made, if you know what i mean..they were asking for compromises… they promised i’d go along way, baby…the list went on and on… to add insult to injury a squealing figure in a suit and tie began to give me a rundown of my spend already…
…no, i was not sure how i had managed to spend twenty-five billion euros in a week
before you could say ‘flatulence’ they were tripping their tits off on the ‘shrooms and getting kinda aggro on me. one of ‘em starting weeping, one went off on the statuesque, another on his brother and marcy… dear marcy, freaked out and asked if she could be excused cuz - she wasn’t feeling too alright - thank you…
and i was left in a room of tripping moguls….
such a mess.
though tripping, they presented me with the contracts and made it quite clear that if i was ever gonna make the movie with their precious cash i was going to have to do it their way .
however, with the power invested in me by frank sinatra i proceeded to tear the contract into pieces and started eating it…
this made em all go berserk !
they started beating each other up and drooling all over the place
‘get a grip’ i said as i watched them lose the togetherness of their excrements
i called marcy and told her to quickly draw up a contract explicating how i owed them nothing and a few minutes later had them all sign it. i blackmailed them that if they didn’t i’d call the police and the media and have them locked up and ridiculed internationally and what not…just for the reactions, really. i can assure you I had no intention of squandering my time on such actions…
so they’re gone and i have about four hundred euros for this production that almost was the biggest ever but now looks like the biggest never…
and on top of that my intern came by bawling to me after the meeting, his shirt soaked from tears…
he came to resign in a state of disarray…
there was no way of helping the poor thing calm down…
he told me he didn’t want to write a history of tears, that there was a girl somewhere he wanted to go find, to tell her things he hadn’t yet and begged for pardon
and i said :
‘dear boy- you go get the girl!
godspeed you! young son-of-a-gun!’
at which point marcy came by and said
‘boy, i think you should leave that quixote book down. might it not be a good idea to come get some fresh air with me…’
and i looked at her and said ‘yeah, fresh air … sounds like it might be a good idea…’

Monday, July 18, 2005


so that we can,

really, quite a production

one thousand
red, white and pink
just the petals
i’m meeting investors on wednesday
they want a little taster of ‘C&P’
just about
a couple of scenes
did you clear those rights?
that’s ottaviano with two t’s
tell me how it goes…
actually, if we’re gonna get anywhere with these interpolations…
we’ll need someone to deal with that and that only
ask baz who did his on ‘rouge’
did ya get hold of scarlet ?
sophia’s number is in my old filo
if you can’t get thru to her, tell me and i’ll try bill…
no, no blue tooth
i want a head set like janet used to wear on tour
the make up for the photo shoot is sorted
domiva meets the crow
..no, but he promised me he’d let me wear the studded dog collar
and then photoshop a cerberus into it
yeah, s&m with m&m’s
japan, i know, go figure…
the states get me on a beach
riding a black stallion
soaked wet …
blue jeans and black t
yeah, ask roy to photoshop a semblance of a six pack onto me
discretion, darling…
i'm on the move, catch you later

when we could be diving for pearls ...

έτσι τελειώνει το
elvis costello

stillness / movement

everything that lives is born of movement, as is everything we can think of and thought itself.
without movement existence is nullified, but this is as incomprehensible to my thinking as is the notion of infinity, or how black holes in space operate and are created. light is subordinate to movement, as is electricity; thought; speech; atoms; molecules; nature; industry; commerce; the sun’s energy; the planets; explosions; water; earth; trains; cities; air; fireworks; motor cars; cinema; the universe and so on.
however, the first state of everything, logically, is stillness, and absolute stillness must be accompanied by the absence of all movement. since thought itself requires and is embodied in movement in order to ‘see’ and understand itself, the realm of absolute stillness evades comprehension. yet this paradox to its existence inspires me!
in the sciences, particularly astronomy the theory of the big-bang is put forward to account for the creation of the universe and recently scientists have attempted to measure in time when this event took place. the time before this point-in-time, if time can be so allocated, is where absolute stillness is probably to be found.
through movement (second to stillness), its shades and trickles, from the fastest (beyond my conscious perceptions but intuitively sought), to the slowest (also outside of my conscious perceptual waveband), i have tried to learn about my world from my inception into it. (1). both conscious and subconscious reckoning of this central state begins at birth and perhaps further back in womb-time.
although i haven’t direct experience and understanding of absolute stillness, buried within me is the belief and a haunting trace of once knowing it.
it is probable that we distance ourselves, emotionally and psychologically from this central moment of stillness, fearing that it will inexplicably overwhelm us. this i believe accounts for the form of a premonition i have of the other side.
absolute stillness is everywhere at one and the same time. i feel I have to take stock of this.
movement, the flux and flow of sequence within sequence engulfs and locates us. movement brings with it self-determination.
there is an inevitability about absolute stillness.
‘to witness the formulation and construction of the/a space-time era'
catalogue statement by the artist barry martin for an exhibition at the i.c.a gallery, london, october 1966


...come home !


speed creates pure objects. it is itself a pure object, since it cancels out the ground and territorial reference-points, since it runs ahead of time to annul time itself, since it moves more quickly than its own cause and obliterates that cause by outstripping it. speed is the triumph of effect over cause, the triumph of instantaneity over time as depth, the triumph of the surface and pure objectality over the profundity of desire. speed creates a space of initiation , which may be lethal; its only rule is to leave no trace behind.
jean baudrillard in ‘america’
(translation : chris turner)

on all fours

what else is there?
it was me on that road
but you couldn`t see me
too many lights on,
but nowhere near here
it was me on that road
still you couldn`t see me
and then flashligths and explosions
roads and getting nearer
we cover distance but not together
i am the storm and i am the wonder
and the flashlights, nigthmares
and sudden explosions
i don`t know what more to ask for
i was given just one wish
it`s about you and the sun
a morning run
the story of my maker
what i have and what i ache for
i`ve got a golden ear
i cut and i spear
what else is there
roads and getting nearer
we cover distance still not together
if i am the storm if i am the wonder
will i have flashlights, nightmares
and sudden explosions
there is no room i can go and
you`ve got secrets too
i don`t know what more to ask for
i was given just one wish
royksopp and karin dreijer

just keep moving
’til i don’t know what i’m saying
i’ve been moving so long
the days all feel the same
just keep moving
well i don’t know why to stay
no ties to bind me
no reasons to remain
got a low low feeling around me
and a stone cold feeling inside
and i just can’t stop messing my mind up
or wasting my time
there’s a mow low feeling around me
and a stone cold feeling inside
i’ve got to find somebody to help me
i’ll keep you in mind
so i’ll keep moving just keep moving
well, i don’t know who i am
no need to follow
there’s no way back again
keep on moving
where i feel i’m home again
and when it’s over
i’ll see you again
by supergrass

everything is open
nothing is set in stone
rivers turn to ocean
oceans tide you home
home is where your heart is
but your heart had to roam
drifting over bridges
never to return
watching bridges burn
you’re driftwood floating underwater
breaking into pieces pieces pieces
just driftwood hollow and of no use
waterfalls will find you bind you grind you
nobody is an island
everyone has to go
pillars turn to butter
butterflying low
low is where your heart is
but your heart has to grow
drifting under bridges
never with the flow
and you really didn’t think it would happen
but it really is the end of the line
so i’m sorry that you turned to driftwood
but you’ve been drifting for a long long time
everywhere there’s trouble
nowhere’s safe to go
pushes turn to shovels
shovelling the snow
frozen you have chosen
the path you wish to go
drifting now forever
and forever more
until you reach your shore
you’re driftwood floating underwater
breaking into pieces pieces pieces
just driftwood hollow and of no use
waterfalls will find you bind you grind you
and you really didn’t think it would happen
but it really is the end of the line
so i’m sorry that you turned to driftwood
but you’ve been drifting for a long long time
you’ve been drifting for a long long time
you’ve been drifting for a long long
drifting for a long long time
by travis

move with me
into a world i plunge
thru my headphones,
escape into the streetlight
i begin to believe in destiny
when my surroundings’ are
in rhythm with me
i'm just a grain of sand
walking in a sea of people
i look around me and my name is just someone
for a moment in time i belong
where my heart beats
the fear is gone
like destiny
so move with me
i'm strong enough
to be weak in your arms
move with me
i'm strong enough
to be real in your arms
whispering as i was driving quietly
the car was rolling like a bullet
i was feeling the speed moving me faster
addicted to the rhythm on my ghetto blaster
that's me supposing that the clarity of thought
is clear enough to think it's real enough to touch
the wind on me got me tripping
can i keep you next to me
till the end of the world
like the joker on the pile never coming or going
the colour of my true cards was showing
keeping in touch with an idea that i been growing
trust trust i must trust with my head on my chest
i rest with the rest of the restless
by neneh cherry


stand in the place where you live
now face north
think about direction
wonder why you haven’t
now stand in the place where you work
now face west
think about the place where you live
wonder why you haven’t before
if you are confused, check with the sun
carry a compass to help you along
your feet are going to be on the ground
your head is there to move you around, so
(repeat chorus)
your feet are going to be on the ground
your head is there to move you around
if wishes were trees, the trees would be falling
listen to reason
season is calling
(repeat chorus)
if wishes were trees, the trees would be falling
listen to reason
reason is calling
your feet are going to be on the ground
your head is there to move you around
so stand (stand)
now face north
think about direction
wonder why you haven’t
now stand (stand)
now face west
think about the place where you live
wonder why you haven’t
(repeat chorus)
stand in the place where you are (now face north)
stand in the place where you are (now face west)
your feet are going to be on the ground (stand in the place where you are)
your head is there to move you around,
so stand
(berry/buck/mills/stipe): rem
from 'green'

leitmotiv one (he internalized everything)

you must be the intern …
take a seat…
this is a digital recorder.
you will have it with you whenever we meet
afterwards, you will transcribe our ramblings
and send it back over to me in bullet-points
and in turn, i’ll give you research guidelines
you’ll go off gather the info and send it back to me
as word attachments.
marcy will hook you up with a laptop, contacts and a weekly stipend
if you have any questions regarding the project, shoot away
if you have any questions regarding anything else
marcy’s your ma…err, woman!
so…shall we start?
hmm.. where to begin?
…the history of tears…

Friday, July 15, 2005


έζησα μια ξέφρενη ζωή
ενίοτε ονειρευόμουν απόσυρση-
συχνά εκπύρσωση
μόνος έτρωγα (αναγκαστικά αδηλόφαγος)
και μόνος έτρεχα –
στο καπό μου έκρυβα καλά
τους βίαιους νόμους ενός μοναχικού καμποτάζ,
μια αδιάκοπη αμαρτία,
το όνομα της...
καμιά φορά στους δρόμους
έβρισκα πρόσωπα γλυκά
αλλά αυτά πάντα χάνονταν
στα κόκκινα και στα πράσινα
το κίτρινο με τρέλαινε...
μου θύμιζε ξαφνικές παράνομες επιταχύνσεις -
και ταξί,
που ‘μοιαζαν με φίλους απ’τα παλιά
που αποκαλύπτονταν σωσίες
όταν από δίπλα περνούσαν
έφαγα πολλές κουτουλιές
...και λίγο χιόνι,
το χιόνι μου άρεσε,
στη λευκή σιωπή ήταν όλοι το ίδιο ξένοι
και αυτό ήταν μια παρηγοριά.
κάθε παρκαρισμένο καλοκαίρι ο ήλιος με έκαιγε.
γι’αυτό προτιμούσα τη συννεφιά
άντε και τη βροχή
αλλά όχι το χαλάζι-
το χαλάζι πονούσε
απέκτησα και βλάβες!
στην αρχή με στενοχωρούσαν
όμως, έμαθα να ζω με αυτές
και πια, με χαροποιούν κιόλας
γιατί φαντάζομαι το τέλος μου-
και μια νέα αρχή-
λίγο πιο κοντά
τώρα στα γηρατειά μου
μπαινοβγαίνω στα συνεργεία.
…προβλήματα υγείας…
άντρες με στολές αγγαρείας
με ποτίζουν υγρά
φαντάζομαι τον εαυτό μου κομμάτια,
και φοβάμαι.
τρομάζω μην μείνω μόνος μου
σαν εκείνο το lada στον επάνω δρόμο
με τα σκασμένα λάστιχα,
γεμάτος πευκοβελόνες
και κουτσουλιές
είδα την πόλη να αλλάζει
τα κτίρια της, οι δρόμοι...
μαζί της άλλαξα και εγώ
απέκτησα σκουριές σα ρυτίδες
γρατζουνιές στους προφυλαχτήρες,
το χρώμα μου ξεθώριασε
πια, η λάμψη σιγοσβήνει από τους προβολείς μου...

θα ήθελα, όταν έρθει η ώρα μου, να με ρίξουν στο γαλάζιο-
φαίνεται τόσο φιλόξενο έτσι όπως το βλέπω από μακριά
ίσως σε μια κατηφοριά μου τραβήξουν το χειρόφρενο
σε ένα γκρεμό να ολισθήσω
να πετάξω – έστω για μια φορά – στον ουρανό
πριν βυθιστω στον πάτο της θάλασσας
όπου ίσως μπορέσω να μείνω για πάντα…
...ίσως με ανακαλύψει ένα σχολείο από ψάρια.
μέσα μου μπορούν να κάνουν μαθήματα
που θα λησμονούν αμέσως μετά...
η σ

έτσι αρχίζει ...

η 'ιδιωτική οδός' :
'αυτά που μ'αρέσουν είναι και η μοναξιά μου. δεν σιμώνει κανένας'
οδυσσέας ελύτης, 'ιδιωτική οδός' (ύψιλον/βιβλία)

(now that i've stopped crying, it might be a good time to write)



into me


(a stare)

dictates at a traffic light (such a production)

…call jo at national ge-o
and tell him we'll need two of each to go-
if you can’t find jill, please call ornitho-jack
ask him to send us the positions
of the flocks that he's tracked
darling, find me a volcano about to erupt
and ask bjork to sing on top of it
something bjorkly abrupt
get me moz and dear marr
tonite i’ll take ‘em out to a bar
i’m thinking i’ll give ‘em a billion to split-
provided they can come up with the movie’s first hit
what else do we need?
hmm, let me see…
get me hilga, butch-hilga, the viking masseuse
and a man approaching sixty with a face just like zeus
that’ll be all for now, sweety
put up the ‘do not disturb’
i’ve got a musical to write
t’keep from crawling the kerbs

the streets of your town

round and round, up and down
through the streets of your town
everyday i make my way
through the streets of your town
don't the sun look good today?
but the rain is on its way
watch the butcher shine his knives
and this town is full of battered wives.
i ride your river under the bridge
i take your boat out to the reach
cos i love that engine roar
but i still don't know what i'm here for.
they shut it down
they closed it down
they shut it down
they pulled it down
the go betweens



the story of moving

from no to yes